Monday, January 29, 2007

Color Schemes

Don't those Page 2 articles look kind of naked without their yellow page background? The old style black type on a yellow background was pretty easy to read, though not as legible as dark blue on light yellow.

The randomness of yellow pages throughout an internet of mostly black text on a white page always appealed to me. My original choice of light blue on dark grey was meant to similarly separate Get Untracked from everything else on the web.

But making the site easy to read should have been my primary goal (forgive the pun) so in honor of the departed Page 2 scheme, what you see is henceforth what you get. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Aaarrrgh! My eyes. AAAAHHH!

Quality said...

let 'em burn

Vince said...

[tired Simpsons quote]
My Eyes! These Goggles! They don't work!
[/tired Simpsons quote]